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Sample MBA essay: Agribusiness management

This article is posted under sample MBA admission essays
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With enough water, sunshine, and through the experts hand of a hardworking farmer, the seed can blossom and give us a bountiful harvest in time.  I see myself as that seed that is still to be nurtured in a fertile soil.  Standing from where I am right now, I believe that the best way for me to reach my full potentials is to earn an MBA degree so I can find a suitable career in the agro-business field.  On the forefront of the latest innovations in technology and with a business mindset, I believe I can make a significant contribution to the agricultural industry of Zimbabwe and even manage my own farm someday.  Staying true to the adage “you reap what you sow,” hardwork, patience, and dedication are the most valued traits I have, as I worked my way through, from being an assistant farm manager to a project manager who’s involved with different facets of the agriculture business including marketing, technical support, planning, and financial management.

Sample Outline

I.  Introduction

A.  Comparing myself to a seed that needs water, sunshine, etc. to grow

B.  Trying to reach my full potentials through an MBA degree
i.  finding a suitable career in the agro-business field
ii.  making a significant contribution to Zimbabwe’s agriculture industry

C.  Using the adage “what you reap is what you sow” as inspiration
i.  hardwork, patience, and dedication as my valued traits
ii.  working my way through from being an assistant farm manager to a project manager

II.  Educational background

A.  Getting a  Diploma in Agriculture at ________

B.  Taking up a Bsc in Agricultural Managemen  at ________

C.  Specific courses taken up
i.  Crop Husbandry
ii.  Animal Husbandry
iii.  Agric Husbandry
iv.  Farm Management
v.  Management Development 1 & 2 at _____
vi.  Certificate of Environmental Impact Assessment

III.  Relevant work experience

A.  Project Manager at _____
i.  summary of duties and responsibilities

B.  Water Training Officer at ______
i.  summary of duties and responsibilities

C.  District Coordinator
i.  summary of duties and responsibilities

D.  Assistant Farm Manager
i.  summary of duties and responsibilities

IV.  Applying for an MBA program

A.  Career objective
i.  seeking for a suitable and appropriate career in the field of Agro-business,  Agriculture and Finance

B.  Expectations from the MBA program
i.  enhancing knowledge and skills on marketing, technical support, planning, and financial management.

C.  Long-term objectives
i.  where I see myself five years from now (managing my own farm)

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