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About Joint JD and MBA Programs

Do you want to get an MBA degree but you’re torn between that and pursuing a law degree? If so, you don’t need to choose between the two because you can pursue both by enrolling yourself in a joint JD and MBA program. Completing the program will earn you the degrees of Juris Doctor and Master in Business Administration. Enrolling in a full-time joint JD and MBA program typically means that you will finish the course in four years, a year less than you would if you enroll in two separate programs.

Admission to UCLA Anderson School of Management

The MBA Insider’s Blog offers information on how to gain admission to the renowned UCLA Anderson School of Management. The blog also lists 10 myths which many people think are true about the Masters of Business Administration program. MBA insider is for people who want to join UCLA Anderson’s management program, for currents students, and for alumni as well who want to be updated on the progress that occurs in the school regularly.

Business Communication Skills in MBA Admission Essay

Writing an MBA Admission Essay Focusing on Your Business Communication Skills Why should an applicant for an MBA grad course emphasize his or her business communication skills on his or her MBA admission essay? The reason for this is that business communication skills are one of the most important skills a successful corporate executive can develop. According to several surveys, some of the most important skills a business executive could have or develop in order to climb the corporate ladder are oral and written communication skills.

Debunking MBA Application Myths

Every year, there are many MBA student hopefuls who strive hard to get into the MBA school of their dreams. Well, not all of them make that dream a reality. If you are one of the MBA hopefuls, it is necessary that you know the myths surrounding the MBA application process. MBA Game Plan has several MBA admissions myths from Chicago Booth that are worth discussing here. Myth #1: The GMAT is the most important part of MBA application There is no one admissions requirement that is more important than the other.


Cross-cultural experiences MBA essay sample

My father has always reminded me that I am very lucky to have the opportunity to study in American schools. My cousins back home in Korea are still struggling with the English language, quite like I used to struggle, especially during my first year here as a college student. I was afraid that my mistakes would be laughed at, and was even more afraid that I would not even realize what those mistakes were.

Dissecting an Exceptionally Written Sample Admission Essay

What makes a truly outstanding sample admission essay? Here are three elements that you should be aware of when turning in your MBA admission essay to the committee of admissions: Good essays get straight to the point Rather keep your essay short but sweet. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the minimum number of words and page limit. Do not be redundant and avoid cliches. Both would just lengthen the essay unnecessarily.

Foreign languages MBA Admission essay sample

An MBA degree is something that I want to have for myself. And I believe that I have come a long way for it. Ten years ago, I was just the average shy college freshman. But I have managed to come out of that particular personality. I engaged myself in activities that have developed me into the confident person I am now. I was involved in different college organizations back in my college years.

MBA admission leadership essay sample

Experience has taught me that sports can play a relevant role in instilling leadership skills. My sport, gymnastics, may be regarded by some as merely a set of difficult physical maneuvers but it has taught me how to work not just on my own but also with a team. It is also all about innovation. With the introduction of a new difficult move, you make history. However, teamwork is never only on the sidelines in gymnastics.


MBA admission essays proofreading and quality control

Do not hand in that MBA admission essay just yet. Have you at least given it a second look to see if you have included all that is required? Of course, you should think about giving your MBA admission essay an edge. Even if you have scored almost a perfect 800 in your Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), you may lose several points for sending a sloppily-written MBA admission essay.