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Basic Information about Joint JD and MBA Programs

Do you want to get an MBA degree but you’re torn between that and pursuing a law degree? If so, you don’t need to choose between the two because you can pursue both by enrolling yourself in a joint JD and MBA program. Completing the program will earn you the degrees of Juris Doctor and [...]

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Is an Online MBA Program Right for You?

These days, many students opt to enroll in an online MBA program because doing so is convenient and gives them more time for their jobs and other activities. But distance learning is not for everyone. If you plan on enrolling in an online MBA program, you must first determine if doing so would be the [...]

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Planning a Career Switch? Getting an MBA Degree Can Help You

Many people choose to pursue an MBA degree these days because doing so will open up so many opportunities to them. In case you’re not happy with your current job and want to build a career in a different industry, you might want to consider enrolling yourself in an MBA program because an MBA degree [...]

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Options for Students Who Want to Pursue MBA Dual Degrees

More and more people are pursuing MBA degrees because doing so enhances their career options and increases their marketability in this world’s constantly evolving job market. In fact, there are many varieties of MBA programs that you can choose from to suit your needs. You can even pursue two degrees at the same time by [...]

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Why Business Executives Still Want to Get MBA Degrees

During recent years, universities offering executive MBA programs have increased in number, and so have their students. Gone are the days when mid-level employees were the only ones clamoring to get their MBA degrees. Today, even executives want to enroll in MBA programs. Why is this so? Reasons executives get MBA degrees If you’re a [...]

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Ways for Paying Off Your MBA Student Loans

Pursuing an MBA degree is expensive and will most likely have you applying for student loans. Although an MBA degree will provide you with more opportunities and jobs that offer you with higher salaries, an MBA education is still a big investment considering the time, effort, and money you have to put in. Below are [...]

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How to Manage Your Time Effectively while in MBA School

Pursuing an MBA degree will take up much of your time. If you’re going to be working full-time or even part-time while enrolled in an MBA program, it’s important for you to hone your time management skills. After all, it’s essential for you to know how to effectively manage your time in such a way [...]

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A Quick Look at How Professors of MBA Programs Teach

When planning on enrolling in an MBA program, you most likely have done some research on various schools and specializations. Although these are important, it would also be good for you to do some research on the faculty of a particular school and what kind of teaching methods these teachers employ. Doing this will give [...]

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Getting the Right Experience in Preparation for MBA School

Getting an MBA degree certainly increases your chances of getting paid a higher salary or being promoted. But before you enroll yourself in an MBA program, you first have to assess your reasons for wanting to do so. You should also take the time to learn more information about various MBA programs from different schools [...]

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MBA Correspondence Programs: Are They Worth it?

These days, so many things can be done on the Internet, including pursuing an MBA degree. MBA correspondence and online programs are now being offered by both online schools and brick-and-mortar universities. Deciding on whether to enroll in a traditional MBA program or a correspondence program? Below are some advantages and disadvantages of choosing an [...]

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