Khoj4u Critique | MBA school blog reviews

Going to the homepage of khoj4u, one will notice the wide variety of topics the site offers. The blog’s site heading summarizes it all: career, education, technology, and entertainment. This site is for anyone who wants to remain updated on those fields. This site offers not only information, but help as well. Expert tips are available to help everyone improve on their studies and career. The blog has entries that are as diverse as the needs of a modern career person. It offers information on the latest cars which is significant, not only for auto enthusiasts, but also for people who want to know where the automobile industry is heading. The latest news on mobile phones, gadgets, and even websites are available, too. There are even updates for Bollywood news.

Strong points

Distance and online MBA is where one finds out about the importance of having an extra edge when applying for a job. Getting a Masters of Business Administration is an advantage that can help a job aspirant stand out among other candidates. This blog helps readers understand how significant a second university degree is. It is neglected by many and this is basically the reason why many people end up being disappointed in their search for work.

Weak points

It is easy to navigate through the website but it has minor problems. For instance, the blog needs more organization. So many information and blog entries are filed up in one page. This is good since it offers a reader many resources, but it does not look good to the eyes. The blog should also have chosen a name that is easier to remember. Khoj4u is not a blog name that an average reader can remember instantly. Adding a photo to every blog entry can also help. Overall, this site is a good one.