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Blog Critique of the MBA Admissions Blog of the Wharton College

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University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton College carries prestige and reputation across its name. It is not only the world’s first collegiate business school; it is also among the finest. This blog is for graduate students from all over the world who want to earn a Masters of Business Administration. Wharton College also offers undergraduate, PhD, and executive programs. This blog is for students and professionals who want to engage in either actual or distance learning.

What I liked about this blog

This blog is not only remarkable because it is the blog of a prestigious college. The variety of media that this blog offers makes it even more interesting. The articles, announcements, and video streams will help a person know more about the MBA program that the college is known for. A reader who is interested in programs other than the ones mentioned above will also benefit from this site. The interdisciplinary, certificate, and summer programs of Wharton are laid out on its webpage.

The MBA admissions blog is where a person can find information and updates about the different MBA programs. There are also articles about student loans and other issues concerning MBA students. The navigation is quite easy and the design of the blog reflects the reputation of Wharton College. There are links to previous blog entries as well as bloggers, which can help a person find the information he or she is looking for. Weekly chats, forums, and electronic mails are available for questions and additional information.

Suggestions for improvement

Overall, Wharton’s website is very rich when it comes to blogging methods. However, the blog page appears monotonous. It is filled with articles but that is all it offers. Enlivening it with images, audio files, and videos can make the blog more attractive. Web applications such as Adobe Flash Player can be added to make the site more interactive. But, minor errors like these do not make the blog a poorer resource than the school it represents. This blog is worth visiting.

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