Business Communication Skills in MBA Essays

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Business Communication Skills in MBA Essays

Writing an MBA Admission Essay Focusing on Your Business Communication Skills

Why should an applicant for an MBA grad course emphasize his or her business communication skills on his or her MBA admission essay? The reason for this is that business communication skills are one of the most important skills a successful corporate executive can develop.  According to several surveys, some of the most important skills a business executive could have or develop in order to climb the corporate ladder are oral and written communication skills.

Focusing on the importance of having excellent business communication skills can be a topic for a winning MBA admission essay.  The following are tips on how to come up with a well-written essay that focuses on these skills.

Discuss your goals clearly

Keeping the importance of communication skills in mind, the quality of the applicant’s essay would depend greatly on his or her ability to convey goals or experiences in a reader-friendly manner. 

Among the first queries to be answered in an admission essay is “Why pursue an MBA degree?” When answering such a question, it’s important to discuss your goals or reasons clearly and concisely.  As much as possible, give specific examples of goals or plans you have after graduating.

Include experiences that helped develop your business communication skills

In your MBA admission essay, it’s beset to include experiences that helped hone your communication skills as a future business executive.  These experiences can include being part of the debate team or school paper.

Avoid using technical jargon in your essay

Good communication skills are not necessarily equivalent to being knowledgeable about technical jargon.  As such, use simple but effective words in your essay.  Bear in mind that the admissions committee members read hundreds of essays.  So if you want to keep them interested, make sure to write an essay that is clear and free of technical jargon that are irrelevant to the topic of your essay.  When discussing your leadership experiences, problems solved, and career path, make sure that the readers will be able to understand your essay without having to open a dictionary.

Keep your admission essay as interesting as possible.

A sign of having excellent communication skills is the ability to convey your ideas without boring your audience or the readers.  Admissions officers have read hundreds or even thousands of essays, so make sure that your essay stands out from the rest.  Thus, start the essay with something that would instantly capture their attention, instead of making them yawn.  Remember, they do not expect you to give them a creative literary piece.  What they want is an essay that’ll set you apart from the rest of the applicants.

Avoid being too wordy in your MBA essay

A wordy essay tends to confuse the readers.  Plus, it may make you exceed the specified length for the admissions essay.  Having good written communication skills means you can convey your ideas using the most appropriate words without sacrificing the coherence and content of the essay.

Communication skills in the business world have become very necessary for someone to become successful.  This is why it’s very important to focus on these or show the readers of your essay that you have excellent communication skills and that you are willing to use such skills to excel in the corporate world and contribute to the school.