Debunking MBA Application Myths

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Debunking MBA Application Myths

Every year, there are many MBA student hopefuls who strive hard to get into the MBA school of their dreams. Well, not all of them make that dream a reality. If you are one of the MBA hopefuls, it is necessary that you know the myths surrounding the MBA application process. MBA Game Plan has several MBA admissions myths from Chicago Booth that are worth discussing here.

Myth #1: The GMAT is the most important part of MBA application

There is no one admissions requirement that is more important than the other. While the results of your GMAT exam are important to us, they are by no means the only tool we use to make an admissions decision. The GMAT score is not a make or break item. At Chicago Booth, our application process is a holistic one in which the Admissions Committee attempts to learn all about you in order to determine a fit between you and Chicago that goes above and beyond your GMAT score.

This applies not only in Chicago Booth, but in many other universities as well. Although GMAT is a very important factor, it is not the sole determinant in making or breaking your application. There are still other factors that are equally important. These include your personal statement and your interview result.

As a matter of fact, another blog shares the same idea

GMAT really doesn’t matter that much. Or, if you scored in the 600 range, don’t sweat it, focus on your story and your essays because they are five hundred times more important

Now this is not to discourage applicants from doing well on their GMAT. These just mean that you shouldn’t get too focused on your GMAT scores. You should also exert the same effort when preparing your admission essay.

Myth #2: If you don’t have a business background, you don’t stand a chance

Students who apply to and enroll at Chicago Booth come from a variety of backgrounds with respect to their undergraduate studies. In fact, 34% of the class of 2009 had a liberal arts background. We are always excited by the unique experiences that each student’s education brings to the community at Chicago.

This is true. Even if you don’t have any background in business management, as long as you pass your GMAT, essay, and interview with flying colors, you have better chances in getting admitted into the MBA school of your dreams. A business background can help you a lot in your application, but it is not a factor that could make or break your application.

Myth #3: The admissions committee read only the first few essays

Our staff, including our Admissions Fellows, reads each and every essay, recommendation letter and transcript that crosses our desks. This makes for a great deal of work but we are committed to putting together the best possible class and to do so, we feel we need to get to know each applicant well. This process is a part of what makes Chicago Booth a unique place. You’ve worked hard to submit your application, and we appreciate that effort.

This is a popular myth not just in Chicago Booth but in many other universities as well. The admissions committee takes time to read each personal statement. This is so they could determine who among the applicants have what it takes to be an MBA student. This is why you have to make sure that your whole essay, from the beginning to end, is well written.

It is important that you know the different myths surrounding MBA application. It can better guide you in your application. You should never think that your essay is less important than the other requirements or that your essay will not be read at all. Your essay is very important in landing a spot at your dream MBA school.