Get Into Your Dream School through Your MBA Essay

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Get Into Your Dream School through Your MBA Essay

Your MBA essay is your chance to tell the admissions committee that you have the skills and the attitude to be admitted into your dream MBA school. But how can you secure a slot in a prestigious MBA school through your essay? Essay Writing Blog can give you ideas on how to make your essay catchy and effective.

Showcase your good qualities

According to, the MBA essay should portray the writer as a four-dimensional character. The essay should showcase the good things about the applicant.

A mba essay for application purposes will have to be written with care and with much thought. It will have to showcase the writer’s various talents and skills as a leader and his capabilities of working together with a team. It will have to bring out a picture of the applicant as a mature and competent person who is ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. One will have to write about his special interests outside academic circles like may be trekking, or listening to music etc. It will help to create an all round picture of the writer as a normal human being yet different from others in certain special ways.

As the Essay Writing blog suggests, you should come up with an essay that will make you stand out among other applicants. This is very important because a very boring essay won’t give you a chance to be considered by the admission officers. Plus, one of the main purposes of coming up with an essay is to let the admission officers see a genuine yet different side of you.

Be honest

Although you have to portray your good points, you should keep an honest and sincere voice. You have to keep in your mind that the admissions committee can see through your lies.

While writing an application essay always remember to represent yourself honestly. Don’t exaggerate or make up attributes that you see in others and like, but don’t possess in yourself. So before writing this essay first introspect on yourself and check out your inner qualities and assess them fairly. Whatever you do don’t put on an air of arrogance and an air of know-all. This will immediately put off your reader and will most probably seal off your chances of joining the college.

So the trick is to write honestly and from your heart.

Always keep this tip in mind since there is a fine line between being confident and arrogant.

Show how goal-oriented you are

You must show through your MBA essay that you are mature enough to accept the challenges when in an MBA school. One of the signs of maturity is being purpose-driven. This is why you should include your short term and long-term goals in your personal statement.

There are certain aspects which the person reading your mba essay will look for in your writing. They look for values that motivate you. So you will have to emphasize on what values you look for, the reasons you have to achieve something in your life, what made you choose that particular line of studies. Next, one will have to discuss the goals of his life and outline his post mba career objectives. So one will have to chalk out carefully and connect his objectives for joining the course and his post mba professional goals, that is, one will have to successfully bridge his present and future goals in life.

To successfully bridge your present and future goals, you need to instill self-discipline and be more persevering. These two qualities are just some of the things MBA admission officers look into applicants.

Other tips when writing your MBA essay

When you write your personal statement you have to start with an outline. The outline will serve as your guide in writing your essay. This helpful blog has tips on how to develop an outline. Create an outline for your admissions letter using the basics of writing an essay. You’ll need an introduction, a body, and a conclusion for the letter. Open the admissions letter with something interesting, such as a quote, intriguing fact, or question. If you can engage your reader immediately, he or she will want to continue reading.

The body of your college admissions letter will cover the most important parts of the letter, showing your uniqueness as an applicant and answering questions. This part will require careful planning. Finally, the conclusion will bring your admissions letter to a logical close. To ensure that all the important parts of the letter are included and to help you organize your thoughts, create an outline of your admissions letter. Ensure that everything is included that you need and wish to highlight.

Aside from these, having an outline will help you keep your focus and avoid including interesting but irrelevant details.

Your MBA essay is your ticket to the MBA school of your dream. When you write, start with an outline. For your content, you have to focus on your good qualities. It also pays to be honest and sincere when writing. It is also a plus if you show how goal-oriented you are on your essay.