Applying for Different MBA Programs: How to Customize Your MBA Admission Essay

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Applying for Different MBA Programs: How to Customize Your MBA Admission Essay

When applying to an MBA program, your MBA admission essay is the one requirement that you can control. Make sure that you make your MBA admission essay as engaging, concise, and clear as possible. It’s also important that you proofread and edit your essay to make sure that there are no spelling and grammatical errors. In case you’re applying to several different MBA programs, below are some tips that will help you customize your application essay.

Double check the requirements and see if there are specific essay questions

This is very important when creating your essay. Make sure that you address the question that the school wants you to answer. Be mindful of the word count criterion and make sure that you don’t deviate much from the topic given. Keep in mind, though, that you can still make use of your life experiences and relate these to your answers. If, for example, a university tells you to write about why you chose to get your MBA at that particular school, then you can craft an answer that takes into account your personal experiences. Perhaps one of your relatives studied there, or you’ve done research on their curriculum and interviewed some students who are taking up their MBAs there and you decided that going to that school can give you the kind of education you need.

Expand parts of your essay

In case you’ve taken an already existing essay and you want to customize it for a different MBA program that requires you to write a substantially longer essay, you can still make use of the same essay. When doing this, you can expand on each subject and add details that will further illustrate your point.

Improve on your essay

Suppose you have one of your previously written application essays and you suddenly had an idea that you think would be better for the essay you’re going to do. Don’t be afraid to take out parts from your old essay and make use of your new idea. In case doing this disrupts the flow of your essay, make use of transition sentences at the beginning of every paragraph so that the reader will understand the connection between the statements.

Stop when you’re finished

If you feel that you’ve already addressed the question and you no longer have anything to add, then it’s time to proofread and edit your essay. Don’t feel compelled to reach the upper end of the word count limit because this can work against you if you’re just going to insert details that aren’t really positive additions to your essay. After all, it’s important that your MBA admission essay is as good as it can be.