How to evaluate an MBA admission essay | mba admission essay writing tips

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The MBA admission essay is one key element in getting into a business school. There are people that use this kind of application essay to give their outstanding statement of purpose in applying for an MBA degree. The MBA essay can also be used to make up for a low Graduate Management Admission Test GMAT score. But you might be wondering how admissions committee assesses an MBA admission essay? The following information might be of help:

Uses and purpose of the MBA admission essay

The MBA admission essay is generally used to evaluate the applicant. The MBA essay aims to measure the readiness of an applicant for a specific MBA program.  For some schools, the MBA admission essay is a way of knowing the applicant. It could be an area for the applicant to state other relevant information (i.e. work experiences) that an application form has not asked.

This kind of application essay is also geared in testing the applicant’s ability to answer a specific MBA admission essay question. The admissions panel is usually after the content of the MBA admission essay. So if you are writing an MBA essay, be sure that you have answered the question clearly.  Do not write irrelevant information.  The admissions committee also looks for contradictory statements. So, all the data in your MBA admission essay must be consistent and coherent.

The MBA admission essay could also be used to compensate for an average GMAT score.  It is for this reason that the screening committee asks the applicant to state his or her previous leadership and management experiences.  They also want to be convinced with your statement of purpose in applying for their school.  So, it would be better to write a practical but outstanding reason why you want to have an MBA degree.

The MBA admission essay is also used to ascertain your honesty. All the information you would include in the MBA admission essay must be factual.  The admissions committee turns down applicants who lie about the information asked. Never plagiarize.  This practice won’t bring any good to your MBA application.  The admission committee might also use the MBA admission essay to test your ability to choose words. Your brevity would only appear if you avoid using sentences in the passive voice.

Managing your MBA admission essay

The MBA admission essay must be taken seriously. It might look hard at first glance but this does not mean that you can’t get through with it. You could try to read MBA admission essay samples for you to get acquainted with it. You could also try to review your proofreading and editing skills. These things could really come in handy.  You could also ask your family or friend to criticize your MBA admission essay. This practice would help you test-run your essay.