Make Your Way to MBA School with These MBA Admissions Tips

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Make Your Way to MBA School with These MBA Admissions Tips

Your MBA essays and GMAT scores are not everything about your MBA application. Your MBA admissions interview is also one of the tickets to your application. Kokalta Dreams has a lot of sample questions that could aid you in paving your way to the MBA school of your dreams.

Common interview questions for MBA admissions

Why business school?

Why did you decide to apply to this business school?

What makes you stand out among other candidates?

What can you contribute to our program?

The questions asked during the MBA admissions interview are usually about your goals and purposes in applying to an MBA school. These also include your valuable characteristics that could make you a deserving MBA student. It is important that you read your personal statement so that your answers on the interview and the things you wrote in your essay about your goals are consistent.

What would you say is your biggest weakness?

What are your greatest strengths?

How would your colleagues describe you?

What are your hobbies?

Your MBA admissions interview is just like your MBA essay, as it tackles a lot of personal things about you. In the interview, you are also asked about your favorite hobbies, strengths, as well as weaknesses. One blog also tells something about the personal aspect of MBA admissions.

Interviews may include behavioral questions. Questions may center on specific examples or detailed descriptions of events, projects or experience that demonstrate how situations you’ve faced in the past have been handled and what you learned from them. Behavioral interviewing holds that past performance predicts future behavior.

Behavioral interviews help admission officers learn more about the applicants. However, this type of interview may not be widely used in all universities. This is why you should prepare yourself to answer any type of interview question. Also make sure that you are honest and sincere because the admissions committee can see through your lies.

The do’s for the interview

  • Do plan to arrive at least ten minutes early. Know where the interview location is and know how long it takes to get there.
  • Do prepare and practice answers for common interview questions. Don’t wait until the night before to begin preparation. The sooner you start, the more comfortable you will be.
  • Do dress for success. Jeans and T-shirts have no place at an interview. When in doubt, be conservative.

Preparing for an MBA admissions interview is necessary. It is the first and the most important part of the interview process. You have to choose your attire carefully. You also have to practice answering probable questions. Preparation can actually boost your confidence.

The don’ts for the interview

  • Don?t reschedule the interview unless it is absolutely unavoidable.
  • Don’t forget the interviewer’s name.
  • Don’t forget to smile.
  • Don’t answer every question with a simple yes or no. Elaborate on your answers whenever possible.
  • Don’t lie. Answer questions honestly and frankly.
  • Don’t ever offer any negative information about yourself.
  • Don’t forget to verbally thank the interviewer for their time and consideration.

These tips may seem common but they are still worth mentioning because many still forget to avoid these MBA admissions no-no’s. Committing a single no-no from the list above can have a detrimental impact on your application. This is why before you go to the interview, make sure that you read and keep the list above in mind. If you are really aspiring to be an MBA degree holder, you should make sure that you fare well in the admissions interview. Like your essay and GMAT, the interview result matters a great deal. This is why you really have to prepare yourself for the admission interview.