MBA Night Programs: Are They Worth it?

Last Updated: by Tawanna Tarr

MBA Night Programs: Are They Worth it?

Nowadays, many schools have come up with different kinds of MBA programs, some of which are especially designed for working professionals. Among these MBA programs are those offering night classes. Below are just some advantages and disadvantages of enrolling in an MBA night program.

Advantages of enrolling in an MBA night program

What’s great about MBA night programs is that you don’t have to rearrange your work schedule or find a different job with a more flexible schedule just to be able to do your day job while pursuing an MBA degree at the same time. Because night programs are typically for those who already have working experience, you will most likely be in a diverse environment. The students may not be from different cultural backgrounds, but they will be from different industries, which can give you insights into various fields of study. Enrolling in an MBA night program gives you the chance to be committed to both your job and your studies, and not have one interfering with the other. Another advantage of enrolling in an MBA night program is that you will have your weekends to yourself; you can take advantage of your free weekends to study or spend time with friends and family members.

Disadvantages of enrolling in an MBA night program

Like other MBA programs, an MBA night program is not for everyone. For example, if your job requires you to work overtime, you may not be able to attend your classes or you will most likely have to choose whether you will prioritize your MBA or your job. In case you aren’t as productive or alert at night as you are during daytime, it might be hard for you to adjust to an MBA night program.

Because every person has different needs and different ways to cope with various situations, it’s important for you to assess if an MBA night program will be worth it for you. Before you start writing your MBA admission essay and applying to different schools, analyze your current work schedule and see if you can handle an MBA night program. If you’re the kind of person who is productive at night and wants to keep weekends free, then perhaps an MBA night program is the best kind of MBA program for you.