Secrets to an Effective MBA Essay

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Secrets to an Effective MBA Essay

Your business school application is probably one of the most important chapters of your life. It is in this crossroad that you are going to make a lot of important decisions. It is actually in your application that you can change the course of your life and future. 2012 MBA Applicant can give you tips on how to come up with an effective MBA application essay.

Crafting a winning MBA application essay

Think of what you want to say before you start writing. Put your thoughts down on

paper, and then organize them in a cohesive manner. You could either use this as a rough blueprint for your essay or to ensure that you don’t forget to add all that you want to in the course of writing your essay.

Make your essay personal; your desire to get into the college must come across through your

words. This means you must write your essay on your own instead of outsourcing it to someone who you think is better suited to the task. While you can take their help, make sure the effort is all your own.

Your reasons for wanting to study an MBA and to join this particular institution should be

corroborated through other aspects of your application form, like the recommendation letters, your GMAT scores, and your academic grades. So if you want to say something just because you think it will touch the admissions panel, think again. The best essays are those that are true and spontaneous.

Before you start writing, you have to brainstorm for the topics or issues that you are going to include. You have to make an outline to guide you. It is also important that you make your essay personal. After all, the purpose of the personal statement is to let the admissions committee know who you really are and what is your attitude towards success. Your goals also need to be included. Through your essay, you need to show that you are goal-driven. Being honest and spontaneous is definitely a key in coming up with a winning essay.

The blog (2012 MBA Applicant) also puts importance to the technicalities of the MBA application essay.

Don’t go off on tangents or be too verbose about one particular subject or topic. Be as

concise as you can and ensure that your flow of your narration is natural and continuous and that it does not jump abruptly from one issue to the other.

Don’t use words that you don’t understand or because they sound good and are bound to impress.

When you use flowery and bombastic language, you come across as pretentious and overeager to impress with just your use of words.

Once you’ve written your essay, read it over a few times to ensure that there are no spelling

or grammatical errors. If language is not your forte, get someone who does not need a dictionary and who knows their verbs from their adverbs to look it over. An essay filled with mistakes does not make a good impression even if what you have to say is interesting.

It is important that your essay displays conciseness. You also have to avoid sounding superficial and pretentious. You can do this by not using highfalutin words. And lastly, you have to edit and proofread your work to ensure that it is free from error.

Your MBA application essay should give a four-dimensional image of yourself. Check out this blog for other more helpful essay writing tips.

Don’t just answer the essay questions. Treat each essay as an individual piece of written art work instead of an examination paper. This means:

  • No repeating of the question (even partially) in your opening sentence. For example, when the question is What is your biggest professional decision so far? don’t begin your essay by saying My biggest professional decision so far is … Makes you sound like a repeat-after-me machine (no offense!)

  • The opening paragraph sets the tone of the full essay so be a bit more creative. Make a little drama, tell a story, describe a scene — visualize your ideas!

  • Use more powerful words. Vary the length of paragraphs (by the way, they look too long.) Don’t be mono-tone. Use a little artistic writing techniques. Be interesting. Like your CV, the essays serve as a vivid portrait of you and you don’t want it to look like a thousand other people.

Think about your poor readers (adcom) who go through hundreds of essays a day. They need something that catches their eyes and keeps them from dozing off. Something that makes them want to read on, and better, makes them laugh or ponder.

Recollect your personal experience and bring yourself back to the day that important decision was made or that idea was created. Relive it in your essay and excite yourself and your readers!

You have to make your essay as interesting as possible. Sure, your essay should talk about yourself, but give it enough touch of creativity to make it attention-grabbing.

Your personal statement for your MBA application should be well-written. You need to choose the topics that you should include well. It is also necessary to ensure that the technical details are excellent. On top of these, you also need to incorporate enough dose of creativity to make your work interesting.