The Different Specializations for MBA Programs

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The Different Specializations for MBA Programs

Before enrolling yourself in just any MBA program, you must first assess your reasons for wanting an MBA degree. Is it because you want to broaden your education, or because you aim to specialize? If it’s the latter, then you need to know some information about the various specializations offered by different schools. Below are just some MBA specializations.


Choosing this area as your specialization will have you studying courses that will give you skills and knowledge needed to be successful in the Accounting industry. These courses typically include auditing, real estate taxation, international accounting, business taxation, and accounting information systems. It’s advisable for you to choose this specialization if you want to become an auditor, controller, consultant, corporate accounting manager, or accounting information systems manager. Also, most companies have an accounting department, so you are assured of stable employment especially with that MBA degree.

International Business

Schools offering a specialization in International Business will most likely require you to take up courses such as cross-cultural management, international marketing, and international finance. This specialization will prepare you for managerial positions and teach you how to deal with different people from various cultural backgrounds. This specialization will also allow you to be exposed to different business models practiced in different regions around the globe.


Do you want to become a brand manager, sales manager, account manager, distribution manager, general manager, top-level executive, or retail manager? If so, then getting an MBA with a marketing specialization may be the best thing you can do. This kind of specialization offers courses such as services marketing, marketing research, marketing strategy, market planning, marketing communications, and buyer motivation and behavior. Usually, if you take up this specialization, you will be doing a lot of case studies on how to effectively market a specific product, service, or brand.


Courses entailed by Finance specialization include international finance, corporate finance, investment analysis, advanced topics in financial management, financial strategies and tactics, and ethical issues and standards. Choosing Finance as your MBA specialization will equip you for a career as a general manager, financial consultant, investor relations manager, financial analyst, and corporate finance manager.

When applying to an MBA school, it’s important that you create an excellent MBA admission essay because your MBA admission essay gives you the chance to distinguish yourself from other MBA applicants. When writing your MBA admission essay, make sure to state your reasons for choosing that particular specialization. Keep in mind that your MBA admission essay should be clear, concise, and meets the word count criterion.