UCLA Admission

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UCLA Admission

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The MBA Insider’s Blog offers information on how to gain admission to the renowned UCLA Anderson School of Management. The blog also lists 10 myths which many people think are true about the Masters of Business Administration program. MBA insider is for people who want to join UCLA Anderson’s management program, for currents students, and for alumni as well who want to be updated on the progress that occurs in the school regularly.


The entries in the blog are not only informative, as they also offer practical tips which readers will find useful when they enroll for an MBA, not only in the UCLA Anderson School of Management but in other schools, too. More importantly, those helpful articles will not only benefit the readers themselves. The entries can be mailed directly to a friend by clicking the links after each entry. There are links to different social networking websites such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook. The blog also offers inquiries which readers can directly access on every page.

Resources are available for readers who want to know more about the program and how they can excel in it.

The blog entry on MBA Value Proposition is for people who are interested in the Forte Foundation Forums. The Forum, which will be held in seven different US cities, is a huge academic gathering. The blog keeps close track of the event, which primarily aims to aid career women in achieving greater success. Commenting on the article is very easy, which allows readers to share their view and even ask questions.


The only weakness of the blog is that it looks too formal. That is natural since it is about an MBA program, but making it look more interactive will add attraction to the site. Additional web applications will make the website livelier.