Winning Strategies in Writing Your Admissions Essay for MBA

Last Updated: by Tawanna Tarr

Winning Strategies in Writing Your Admissions Essay for MBA

Coming up with a topic or idea for your admission essay can be difficult. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind when writing your essay, however, is that you want your essay to be interesting and compelling enough to convince the admissions committee to accept you into their school. If you are having a hard time thinking about what to write in your MBA admission essay, then you may want to check out some of these helpful tips:

Talking about your career plans

One great strategy for writing your MBA admission essay is to talk about your career plans. Considering the fact that you are applying for an education in business, it’s only logical that you share your entrepreneurial or career plans. Is there a specific reason you want to get an MBA degree? Two examples of career-related topics for your essay include your intention of starting a business or getting a significant promotion. The main idea here is to tell the admissions committee what you plan on using your degree for. Also, sharing your career plans is a good way of showing the committee that you have direction and that you have clearly defined goals for yourself – two traits that admissions officers often look for in applicants.

Citing relevant field experience

Another strategy for writing a good essay is to talk about relevant experiences that you have had. What’s important here is not just to talk about your achievements, but you should tell stories of how working for these achievements or going through these experiences has helped to form your character and personality. Essentially, you want to express to the admissions committee that the experiences you have had have led to personal realizations and developments that made you better prepared for MBA school and for life, in general. Try not to get carried away with the small details and, instead, focus on deep, thought-provoking, and interesting aspects of your experiences that are relevant to your aspirations, goals, and your application to MBA school.

Discussing your motivations

A third strategy you can use in your admission essay is to discuss what motivates you. You should try to discuss your motivations in line with your experiences and career plans, in order to give a more complete and fleshed-out story to the reader. Motivations can come from just about anything, from your family or friends to your beliefs or your life experiences. For this reason, it’s important to make clear connections between how your motivations developed to how your motivations will help you achieve your aspirations. Just make sure that you don’t sound too preachy or overly zealous when discussing your motivations.