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Dissecting an Exceptionally Written Sample Admission Essay

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What makes a truly outstanding sample admission essay? Here are three elements that you should be aware of when turning in your MBA admission essay to the committee of admissions:

Good essays get straight to the point

Rather keep your essay short but sweet. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the minimum number of words and page limit. Do not be redundant and avoid cliches. Both would just lengthen the essay unnecessarily. Even if you are not under the pressures of a word count, avoid going in circles. This is not a case of “the longer, the better.” The selection panel won’t waste their time reading an essay with long paragraphs that seem to be going nowhere. Be clear with your intentions and purpose of writing right from the start.

Good essays avoid confusion in thoughts and transition

Avoid the following:

- using unfamiliar terms and jargon
- exaggerated claims in hopes of impressing the screening committee
- errors in sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and grammar
- trite expressions and cliches

Good essays are thought-provoking and appeal to the emotional side of the readers

When you say emotional side, it does not mean trying to make the admissions officers laugh like hyenas. One funny or witty sentence in the essay is OK; do not turn it into a script for Rowan Atkinson’s stand-up comedy. A short narration of a family tragedy (minus the heavy drama) followed by an explanation on how it instilled new values in you is an example of good content. Of course, you can skip family problems and focus on your aspirations and motivations. Let them in to your own world and be open to share personal views. Just keep it simple, unique, and interesting enough for them to remember your name and consider your qualifications.

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