MBA admission essay on leadership

Experience has taught me that sports can play a relevant role in instilling leadership skills.  My sport, gymnastics, may be regarded by some as merely a set of difficult physical maneuvers but it has taught me how to work not just on my own but also with a team.  It is also all about innovation. With the introduction of a new difficult move, you make history. However, teamwork is never only on the sidelines in gymnastics. Unfortunately, most people see only the individual claiming the medal; few do not see teammates helping one another by stretching each other’s limbs to become more flexible, spotting each other as a safety precaution, and motivating one another before a routine.  Discipline is also an integral part of becoming a good gymnast. Through the sport, I have learned to work hard for something that I truly want. Now, I am planning to apply into the University of some MBA program. I know that my previous skills, learnings, and values will contribute in making me the ideal MBA candidate. By earning an MBA degree, I can proceed to become an innovative entrepreneur, someone who is always ready to create the next best thing.

Of course it was not all sports when I was in college. I had also acquired some skills in business through my college major, which was Business Administration. My major had proved to be a big help later on when I joined the workforce. After graduation, I was eager to make practical use of my skills and learnings. Because I have always valued innovation in anything I do, I decided to try the fast lane of advertising as an advertising account executive. The work proved to be both challenging and rewarding. I was again immersed in a world where teamwork is very much valued and where creativity is a must. As an advertising account executive, I was a constant witness to the exchange of ideas because I had to oversee the finalization of advertising campaigns. Being in charge of deadlines of course made me work with all the people involved in the ad campaign. However, I knew that I had always longed for more. Therefore, I decided to try my luck in enrolling into an MBA program.

Some people may misconstrue my commitment to innovation as a constant need for change. Though change is sometimes good, my road toward having an MBA degree is still straightforward. My experiences as an athlete, as a Business Administration graduate, and as an advertising account executive are all working together to form the person that I am now. With my leadership skills, I feel that I am headed toward the right choice, which is an MBA degree. I know that I will be able to not just cope but also contribute to the dynamic field of business. I have always tried my very best in everything that I do. My accomplishments have not made me lax, rather they continue to urge me forward.