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MBA Essay Tips: Aligning Your Goals with the School Mission

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When writing your MBA essay, an effective approach is to align your goals with the school mission. With this in mind, the following are questions you can ask yourself for a more effective essay:

What do most MBA schools look for in their students?

When writing your MBA admission essay, one of the most important considerations to keep in mind is what the interests and concerns of the school are. The best way to start is to find out what MBA schools are looking for in their students. Do a little research to get an idea of what MBA students are like and what characteristics MBA schools normally look for in applicants. Here are a few things schools look for:
- Unique individuals with personality and character
- Self-motivated, dedicated, and committed people who want to succeed
- People who can work well individually, as part of a team, or as a team leader.

What can be your reasons for pursuing an MBA degree?

The next important step to writing a good MBA essay is to reflect on why you want to get an MBA degree. Your personal goals are an important factor that can determine your academic, career, and life objectives. It’s important to share some of your goals and aspirations with the admissions committee through your essay. This will show the admissions committee that you are goal-oriented and driven. Also, it will show that you aren’t just entering MBA school for the degree, but that you have plans for what you will do with that degree.

How do you fit into the school and the MBA program?

Finally, your next goal is to link everything together by drawing connections between your goals and objectives, what the school is looking for, and their educational system and MBA programs. This is probably the hardest step of them all, because it takes some thinking and reflection to draw meaningful and deep connections that will make your essay stand out. Take some time to think about these three things:
1. What the MBA program has to offer you
2. What you have to offer the MBA program
3. Why you make a good fit into the MBA school and particular MBA program

All that is left to do is write your essay, edit it, revise it, submit it, and wait for the school’s reply to your application.

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