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MBA Schools that Lead to Highly Profitable Careers

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This article will list 5 of the MBA schools that produce some of the highest paying graduates in the world (results taken from the Financial Times).

1. Stanford University Graduate School of Business

The Stanford University GSB ranks fourth overall on the list of the best MBA schools in 2010. When speaking in terms of weighted salaries, however, this is the school that tops them all. The average alumni weighted salary is above $164,800 per year.

2. Harvard Business School

To this day, this is the only MBA school to have educated a US president, George W. Bush. Currently, this school ranks second with an average weighted salary per alumni of just under $161,900 per year. Harvard Business School is ranked third overall in 2010 and, among the schools on this list, HSB has the highest rate of alumni employed within three months of their graduation.

3. University of Pennsylvania Wharton

Wharton is currently ranked as the second best MBA school in the world, and it holds first place in the rankings over the past three years. With an average alumni weighted salary of over $160,800 per year, this school ranked 3rd on this list, though among this top 5 it also has the highest rate of employment within three months.

4. Columbia Business School

Coming in fourth on this list is Columbia Business School, which ranks as the sixth best MBA school overall. This school has an average weighted salary per alumni of over $160,6000 per year.

5. MIT Sloan School of Management

Finally, MIT Sloan ranks eighth on the overall list of best MBA schools, but it has the fifth highest weighted salary average per alumni at over $154,000.

Though you should never choose your MBA school based on the amount of salary that its graduates get, it is useful information to know. Keep in mind that the best MBA school for you will be the one that can develop you to your fullest potential, and this often requires choosing a school that you are comfortable in, happy with, and contented with.

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