Cross-cultural experiences MBA essay sample

My father has always reminded me that I am very lucky to have the opportunity to study in American schools. My cousins back home in Korea are still struggling with the English language, quite like I used to struggle, especially during my first year here as a college student. I was afraid that my mistakes would be laughed at, and was even more afraid that I would not even realize what those mistakes were.

Dissecting an Exceptionally Written Sample Admission Essay

What makes a truly outstanding sample admission essay? Here are three elements that you should be aware of when turning in your MBA admission essay to the committee of admissions: Good essays get straight to the point Rather keep your essay short but sweet. However, this doesn’t mean that you can ignore the minimum number of words and page limit. Do not be redundant and avoid cliches. Both would just lengthen the essay unnecessarily.

Foreign languages MBA Admission essay sample

An MBA degree is something that I want to have for myself. And I believe that I have come a long way for it. Ten years ago, I was just the average shy college freshman. But I have managed to come out of that particular personality. I engaged myself in activities that have developed me into the confident person I am now. I was involved in different college organizations back in my college years.

MBA admission leadership essay sample

Experience has taught me that sports can play a relevant role in instilling leadership skills. My sport, gymnastics, may be regarded by some as merely a set of difficult physical maneuvers but it has taught me how to work not just on my own but also with a team. It is also all about innovation. With the introduction of a new difficult move, you make history. However, teamwork is never only on the sidelines in gymnastics.

MBA Agribusiness Essay sample

With enough water, sunshine, and through the experts hand of a hardworking farmer, the seed can blossom and give us a bountiful harvest in time. I see myself as that seed that is still to be nurtured in a fertile soil. Standing from where I am right now, I believe that the best way for me to reach my full potentials is to earn an MBA degree so I can find a suitable career in the agro-business field.

MBA Career Goals Essay sample

Setting Your Sights to Getting an MBA and Coming Up with a Winning MBA Admission Essay The focal question asked by many nervous applicants to any MBA school is this: “will the admission essay ultimately decide whether I will be accepted or not?” One way to increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream school is to come up with a winning MBA admission essay. The MBA admission essay is a crucial part of the whole application process, but there are still other considerations.