Your Career Goals in Your MBA Essay

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Your Career Goals in Your MBA Essay

Setting Your Sights to Getting an MBA and Coming Up with a Winning MBA Admission Essay

The focal question asked by many nervous applicants to any MBA school is this: “will the admission essay ultimately decide whether I will be accepted or not?” One way to increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream school is to come up with a winning MBA admission essay.  The MBA admission essay is a crucial part of the whole application process, but there are still other considerations.  What the admission essay does is to serve as a tool for the admissions people to know the applicants better.  An effective way to let the admissions people see a more personal side of you is to discuss your career goals in your essay.

However, so many MBA applicants commit the blunder of just turning the resume entries into complete sentences, consolidating all these sentences, and then call it an essay.  The following are tips on how to come up with a winning essay.

Show your communication skills in your essay

One thing that admissions committees look for is an applicant who has the ability to communicate.  The admissions officers are cognizant of the fact that not everybody is an excellent writer, but if they see a personal statement that is riddled with punctuation blunders and spelling errors, they would simply make a conclusion that the applicant does not have what it takes.  Excellent communication skills are very important, especially if you want to achieve your corporate goals and climb up the corporate ladder.  Indeed, one could be motivated and intelligent, but if he or she could not properly impart his or her ideas to others, then the ideas are useless. The good thing about the admission essays is that it (in a way) levels the playing arena.  This means you can increase your chances of getting accepted into your dream school even if you don’t have the highest grades by coming up with an excellent essay.  As such, the admission essay helps in determining if an applicant has the commitment, motivation, and communication skills needed to be a success in the business world later on.

Be truthful and sincere when writing your essay

Another common blunder of so many applicants is that they think they should present a perfect picture of themselves through the essay.  What the applicant must do is to focus on experiences that developed or showed his or her initiative to excel, to improve his or herself, and to contribute to the society.  MBA admission committee members want individuals who could rise above the pack, while at the same time exhibiting qualities that show suitability to a particular MBA course.

Discuss your career goals in your essay

Discussing your career goals in your essay is one way to add a more personal touch to your personal statement.  Once the admissions panel see that you already have career goals, they’ll know that you are a person who has a direction in life and is determined in reaching your goals.