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Setting the Limits When Writing a School Admission Essay

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Just like many things in life, there are limits you should be mindful of when writing your MBA admission essay. Here are a few pointers that will aid you in this endeavor:

Don’t get too personal

A lot of times, applicants get carried away, narrating why his or her mother already has three ex-husbands. Anecdotes or family-related bits are fine if they are truly relevant to your MBA application and they do not distract readers from the real focus of the essay. Although the real focus is you, there are still limits when writing your essay. Be aware that the screening officers would not be interested in every little thing about you.

Don’t make it seem like you are the next best thing to Bill Gates

You may have graduated cum laude and, at the same time, played three straight years for the chess varsity. You’re a very dynamic individual, doing some socio-civic works on your free time. Even so, it’s not a good idea to be too confident about your qualifications. Instead of bragging about your accomplishments, talk about your goals and intentions sincerely. Focus on your MBA application and the school. Do not turn the essay into a mini-autobiography. Also remember that arrogance can really put off the readers of your essay.

Don’t let your emotions take full control

If you will read some expert advice online, you would see that they encourage applicants to appeal to the emotional side of the admissions panel. But if you overdo it, if 80 percent of the pages contains sob stories after sob stories, it would backfire. They might not waste any minute skimming through your essay, thinking that it’s out of focus. Remember that the admission essay is for your MBA application and not the story of your life. Use personal experiences to illustrate your where you get your motivations and drive to success. A personal story can also be used to show your real character, but better keep it short.

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