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An MBA Degree for a Future Investment Banker

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Whether you’re into investment banking for passion, money, or interest, you will be better off having an MBA first. The job of an investment banker is truly challenging and it requires much expertise from a worker. So, while you decide on what your next move will be, read on to know why you must have an MBA.

Why should you get an MBA to become an investment banker?

When you’re an investment banker, you need to have deeper and broader knowledge of the industry you are working in. More than knowing how to help a company manage its investments, you need to know the reasons behind practices and strategies. By knowing the “whys” of everything, you will know the ins and outs of the industry and effectively implement your plans.

An MBA definitely supports and boosts the career of an investment banker. In an MBA program, you will learn not just theories and trends in business but also the rationale behind various business management techniques. You will have a deeper understanding of the industry and learn more than what most people do. And through the intense training you will get in an MBA program, you will gain leverage once you pursue an investment banking career.

How can you be accepted into an MBA program?

You have much serious preparation to do to be accepted into an MBA program. Many people like you are working hard to be given a slot in the schools of their choice, so you have to put your mind into what you’ll do. In addition, you must present yourself as uniquely as possible so you can stand out from among the numerous applicants who want to become investment bankers.

A graduate school will require you to take standardized tests and submit various documents. You must merit very high grades in the tests because they are one of the major factors that increase your chances of getting accepted. Then, carefully think about the information you will write in application forms and personal essays. Get various professors to write recommendation letters for you and follow up on them regularly.

Take your personal essay seriously and remember to explain the following points:

- reasons for your choosing to get an MBA
- narration of what moved you to get an MBA
- qualities or skills you have that make you different from other applicants
- future career plans and
- personal views about the profession you plan to enter.

Finally, submit the requirements and respond quickly to call-backs. You will see that, as an effect of your commitment to personal and professional excellence, you will reach your goals.

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