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A Quick Look at How Professors of MBA Programs Teach

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When planning on enrolling in an MBA program, you most likely have done some research on various schools and specializations. Although these are important, it would also be good for you to do some research on the faculty of a particular school and what kind of teaching methods these teachers employ. Doing this will give you an idea of what to expect in business school and how to better prepare yourself for it.

Teaching methods of MBA professors

Teachers employ different teaching methods; just because they are part of the same school doesn’t mean that they all will be teaching in the same way. To learn what to expect, it’s advisable for you to do some research about the teaching method employed by various business schools and even look at faculty biographies found online. Teaching methods often include case study, lecture, experiential learning, and group projects.

Case study – Teachers who use the case study method usually assign the cases ahead of time so that you will get the chance to read the material critically and do extensive research to find the best solutions to the case studies. The class is then encouraged to share their opinions and debate with each other on their findings. Many teachers and MBA students believe that this is one of the best methods of teaching because students learn much from the interaction with their fellow students and from putting what they learned in theory into case scenarios.

Lecture – Considered as the traditional way of teaching, the lecture method involves the teacher standing in front of the class and providing invaluable inputs during the period. This is so that students will be presented with various concepts and theories that they can use in the business world later on. The lecture method can also be a strategy for interaction, especially when the the professor poses difficult questions which students are expected to answer and debate on.

Experiential learning – A hands-on approach, experiential learning gives students the chance to apply theories to real-world business problems. This would give you the chance to network and build various skills needed for business or management. Usually, a task is given to MBA students which they are required to do using the different methods and approaches that best fit the task.

Group projects – Group projects will have you working with a bunch of other classmates. What’s great about this is that you can learn from them and share your experiences with them as well. In group projects, each person has a designated role to fulfill.

Once you’ve already done research about the teaching methods of faculty at a particular school, you can then figure out if it would be best for you to apply to that institution. It would also be easier for you to gauge how you can best prepare for that specific method of teaching. If you prefer applying your knowledge in practical aspects, then a school that offers experiential learning may probably be best for you. Assess your strengths and your needs so that you will end up choosing the right MBA program.

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