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Tips for Checking for Errors in Your MBA Personal Statement

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Proofreading and editing are two of the most important steps in composing any kind of essay. When you are writing an MBA personal statement, however, the importance of proofreading and editing is magnified exponentially by the significance and purpose of your personal statement. Simply put, a personal statement that is not proofread and edited well can easily lead to your rejection by your school of choice. On the other hand, if you do a good job at checking for and correcting errors in your personal statement, you will be giving yourself the best chances of getting accepted into the schools you apply to. Here are some tips for checking for errors in your MBA personal statement:

Looking for grammar errors in your admission essays

The first step is to proofread for grammar and spelling errors. These errors are often the easiest to find and correct, but they are also red flags for admissions committees. For this reason, you shouldn’t just trust the grammar and spelling checkers on your computer. Instead, take the time to slowly go over your essay searching primarily for grammar and spelling errors. Make corrections as needed and keep proofreading until you are unable to find any more grammar or spelling mistakes. Then, you can go on to the more tasking proofreading and editing steps.

Looking for logic errors in your essays for admission

Aside from correcting grammar and spelling mistakes, you will also have to ensure that your personal statement is free from syntax errors and logical errors. Chances are that you may not remember all of the logical fallacies and common logical errors that were taught to you in English class those many years ago. To help you with this, you may want to find a webpage that has a list of some of the most commonly committed logical errors and use this list when you read through and edit your essay. Once you are satisfied with the changes you have made, you may want to have another person, such as a relative or (even better) an English teacher, review and proofread your essay for the mistakes that you may have overlooked. Heed other people’s advice, make corrections as necessary, and compose a final revision of your essay for submission.

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