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Write a Winning MBA Admission Essay

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Make Management Proud by Landing a Spot at Your Dream MBA School with a Winning MBA
Admission Essay

Almost all colleges and universities consider the admission essay as a crucial part of the application procedure.  A very bright student who submits a half-heartedly written admission essay would be in for a rude awakening when he or she gets rejected because of it.  In the same vein, a student who doesn’t have the highest GPA can increase his or her chances of getting in if his or her essay is original, compelling, truthful, and interesting.  Having said all that, here are some tips to turn that MBA admission essay into a winning one, and impress your boss and colleagues by getting accepted into a top-notch dream MBA school.

#  The MBA admission essay is not a list of achievements.  A lot of applicants commit the sin of including all their achievements in the essay, even including irrelevant achievements.  There are other documents (transcripts or records) to be submitted for your application, and as such, these lists of achievements would be best included on those documents.  An essay that is compelling to the admissions board is one that tells a story, yet has a clear topic as opposed to something that goes in circles like a snake with a hangover.  A relevant and interesting discussion of a very difficult time in one’s life is better than a recitation of all competitions won way back in high school.

#  Just a tiny bit of humor is best.  The admissions essay is an application essay, not a script for a comedian’s skit.  A witty discussion would do well, and is appreciated by the admissions people.  Sex-oriented or racist jokes are definitely a no-no, and if you make the mistake of including one in your admission essay, expect your chances of getting accepted to plummet faster than the speed of light.

#  Your character must be revealed in the essay.  Positive attributes such as honesty, integrity, and maturity should be reflected in your essay.  While there is something to be said about straight A’s, this is not the sole criterion being sought by most colleges and universities.  They need students who have shown and proved themselves as responsible citizens and matured individuals, and not just smart students with high grades.

#  Pay attention to the technical side.  Punctuation blunders, grammatical errors, and even spelling mistakes would make your essay look unprofessional.  If every other sentence in your admission essay has one of the aforementioned blunders, the admissions officers would come to the conclusion that either you lack the perseverance to edit your work, or you are just a very poor writer.  Whichever it goes, it is a bad mark as far as the application is concerned.  Assuming writing excellently is not one of your assets, seek help from others such as your previous English professor in college or a mentor.

Getting into an MBA school could do wonders for one’s career, especially if one wants to impress bosses and colleagues at work.  However, it all starts with the application process, with the MBA admission essay being a significant part of it.  Make sure that your essay does not repeat data already included in other documents, and that it is well-written and edited.

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