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Your Essay Topic’s Impact on Your MBA Application

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The topic for your admission essay for MBA is one of the crucial things that you have to think about when you apply to MBA school. Choosing the right topic can be daunting. Engagement Review can give you guidelines on topic selection.

Who you are as a person should be reflected on your admission essay for MBA

What do you actually need to present in a college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay? It varies actually. Some schools have several specific topics from which you are required to choose and write about. However, on the average, admissions essays usually seek to present you as an individual. This may include a listing of your past and present experiences, your nature, preferences, ideals, principles, family and social backgrounds, your school years, grades received, extracurricular activities, etc. But these are not simply listed down. The essay should seek to present these profiles in clear and specific details and preferably, accompanied with one or two related anecdotes.

As the blog says, you need to present a four dimensional image of yourself. And the most important thing is that you present that self with clarity, and of course, sincerity. Although you don’t have to list down each of your preferences and principles, the essay should provide the readers a glimpse of your personality.

This blog has many interesting things to add on the excerpt above.

You must have a thesis statement. Identify your subject. If it is an assigned topic, write it down. Why are you writing this essay? If it is an assignment, the assignment should include the essay type expected. Use this to guide you to your subject. (That your teacher requires it is not enough unless you wish to debate the issue of the requirement.) Your thesis should be a question you will answer, an issue you wish to examine, a point you want to prove or disprove, or something you wish to illustrate. It should be expressed in one sentence before you begin. That way you can stay on track.

It’s interesting to note that the thesis statement, just like in any type of literary work, is given much importance. This is because the thesis statement is the backbone of your admission essay.

What you have achieved should be visible in your essay

The area of extracurricular activities will be of particular significance. Many admissions officers are no longer impressed with high test scores as well as high grades. They realize that these do not represent the total you. They are not satisfied with the numerical side of yourself. What they would like is to get to know more about you and the activities you got involved in, which may be presented in the college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay. Specifically, they want you to present evidence that your field of expertise, for which you are seeking further studies on, is one that is very close to your heart. That being the case, you naturally do not limit your knowledge of the field to theoretical concepts in school. You go out and engage in projects wherein you are able to apply school theories in actual situations.

It is through your admission essay for MBA that you can tell the admission committee, in details, your achievements. Although, these things appear in your resume, your personal statement can bring these achievements in the spotlight more than your CV could. It is true that many admission officers nowadays look beyond test scores and grades when assessing applicants. This means your admission essay pulls as much weight as your scores and grades.

You have to show through your essay that you can contribute to the society

The college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay affords you the opportunity to present yourself as someone capable of sharing something significant in a particular field, and not just a mere statistic in the same. As such, you are encouraged to get involved in extracurricular endeavors while in the midst of completing your courses of study and to cite these in your college admission essay or graduate school admission essay, including MBA essay. This will make your piece more convincing as well as effective, as it will give solid proof that you are not merely satisfied with meeting course requirements. You are also applying in real life the lessons taught to you inside the classroom.

Who you are and what you achieve are not enough to convince the admissions committee of your worth. You need to show through your essay that you will be someone who will contribute to the betterment of society through your degree.

You don’t have to limit yourself to one topic. You can talk about various topics like the things mentioned above, experiences, achievements, and goals. However, you have to ensure that these topics are knitted into your essay in a coherent and clear manner.

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